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The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.
Coaching & Support Services

AEU LEAD's mission is to develop and grow your supervisors. We utilize various supervisor leadership coaching tools and techniques that will support and help continually evolve your leaders. We tailor our services to match the specific needs and requirements of your organization. 

AEU LEAD's Supervisor Leadership Coaching and Support Services:

Employee Feedback Surveys:

AEU LEAD's employee feedback survey captures how your employees feel.  The survey is 100% anonymous and confidential.  Our survey helps you understand the "current state" and begin to build a road map for the "future state." Once the survey results are received and tabulated, AEU LEAD will prepare a report and present it to your executive team. This report will include recommendations for the organization. 

We recommend you administer this survey every two years so that you can benchmark improvement year over year.   

Safety Culture Assessments:

We developed the AEU LEAD Safety Culture Maturity Model to provide a holistic frame of reference for assessing program strengths and weaknesses. It’s divided into four quadrants and recognizes the transition, from reactive to proactive, that most companies go through as they further refine and mature in their safety systems and processes.  We use this assessment tool to position an organization and serve as a frame of reference for projecting and planning purposes.

Coaching and Mentoring Programs:

We help individuals gain clarity on improvement opportunities in their job performance.  Participants are most often emerging leadership candidates, newly appointed in supervisor roles, or substandard performers in need of targeted development.

Our Bridge Process facilitates transitions to desired future states, whether it involves individuals or the organization.  Our Pause Process identifies and addresses the needs and development opportunities of substandard performers.

Strategic Planning:

Our support and advisory services help clients through the process of change and change management.  For many companies, it's not a matter of knowing what to do; it's a matter of knowing how.  Suppose you have a sense of where improvement opportunities exist but aren't sure how to address them. In that case, we provide guidance and support for the desired transformation and change initiatives. 

Guest Speaking:

Operational change is difficult. It's one of the most challenging initiatives an organization can undertake - as only 30% of organizations succeed in making desired outcomes. Please don't leave it to chance. At AEU LEAD, our keynote speakers customize their presentations to your specific business needs and drive performance through proven change management practices. 

Ready to Learn More About AEU LEAD? 

We can help you build stronger middle managers who are equipped to communicate with and lead direct reports effectively. If you are ready to take the next step in building better leaders within your organization, please contact us via the information below. 






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