Why choose AEU LEAD?

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We understand how your supervisors impact your business performance.

Supervisors do more than simply influence team performance. They're directly responsible for employee engagement and productivity, which has a real impact on organizational performance and customer satisfaction.

Our structured training and development programs provide tools to help front-line supervisors better communicate with and interact with their employees. These skills are necessary to increase employee productivity, morale, and retention.

Practical, actionable training that works—because it was designed to.

Training programs should be sound in principle and practical application on a front-line level. We focus on identifying improvement opportunities specific to individual needs through various assessment tools, workshops, and coaching sessions.

Our training incorporates adult learning methods and support systems to ensure practices are reinforced. We facilitate a learning and development process based on six key traits, with follow-up processes to ensure learning objectives are integrated into your supervisors' daily routines. 

Our Approach to Leadership Development


No one within your organization is better positioned to affect performance outcomes than front-line supervisors. We enable transformation through training and developing those interacting directly with employees and key stakeholders.


For supervisors to succeed, they need to understand what motivates and inspires employees. We help supervisors achieve performance outcomes through others and prepare them for people-related challenges.


Many training providers rely on textbook instruction and abstract theories. At AEU LEAD, our training programs are based on empirical research. From principles and concepts to instructional design and delivery, we provide your supervisors with content that is practical, relevant, and actionable.


In many organizations, supervisor development is a challenge due to time constraints of those being trained. To train supervisors often creates operational challenges because it can impact scheduling and productivity. We have several options to address the specific needs of your supervisors, including self-paced and virtual programs.

Case Study: Turn Services

Turn Services, one of the largest independent fleeting and shifting companies in the U.S., partnered with AEU LEAD when they recognized a need to develop the leadership skills of their managers and supervisors.

Instructors who know your business

"Working with AEU LEAD on the Supervisor Development Series was a very positive experience for our staff.  Unlike other seminars and classes that are not directly targeted to our industry, the attendees received this well because AEU LEAD's experience allows them to relate to our specific situations and challenges.”

Michael Lariviere
General Manager, Sause Bros.

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